NEW MUSIC: “Miss You” by Oh Malô

Boston-based quartet Oh Malô have recently released their new music video for their track “Miss You” which comes off of their album titled “As We Were“, released last spring.

The very millisecond I played “I Miss You”, I fell in love. The music starts off so beautifully from the very beginning, leaving your expectations incredibly high for the rest of the song.

The guitar and bass have a large impact on the song, as the sounds integrate into an energetic ambiance. The lead singer’s vocals are quintessentially sauve and soothing, as he plays around with the rhythm of certain words in the song, such as “hell”, and uses that change to invoke emotions and feelings into Oh Malô‘s music.

The music video coming out during the autumn is wonderful as the colour scheme is generally focused on blue, orange, and red-brown hues. Interestingly enough, Oh Malô released three different EPs: “Blue“, “Red“, and “Orange“, using these colors to represent the different emotional stages of a breakup, and have again chosen these three as their colour palette for their music video.

Oh Malô have currently reassured their fans through a Facebook post that although their tour is over, they’re currently creating new music. This band is working hard and achieving serious results, and they are going to be HUGE.

You can get their music off their Bandcamp here.

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