As the weather gets a little chillier and your nights get a bit longer, we’ve got just the music needed to keep those winter blues away! So bundle up, we’ve got you covered for the season.

South Carolina duo Tape Waves creates music under the genre of dream-pop, perfect to accompany you on those cold days, whether you’re driving through the city, or having a walk through town. “So Fast“, the first track off their album “Here to Fade” was released this previous summer which became a quick favourite of mine and a shameless repeat. The faded vocals are soothing and pleasantly haunting.

The album has equally wonderful tracks. There’s “Always Shines“, in case you’re needing a little more sunlight to your autumn day. All tracks have that hint of the infamous Californian music vibe that will keep your spirits up and going.

You can support the duo here on their Bandcamp.

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