Sweet Disarray was the first studio release album from Staffordshire born singer-songwriter Dan Croll.

After attending the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) at age 18 and winning the National Songwriter of the Year award from the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund as well as being specially selected to work with Sir Paul McCartney, Croll released Sweet Disarray in 2014. The album spans a range of genres, from indie pop and indie rock to folktronica.

With an impromptu trip to London in the summer of 2016, I was lucky enough to see Dan perform in someone’s garden (literally) at a small one-day festival in Shepherd’s Bush called Bushstock. This is a festival which although is small, has been home to many artists just before they rose to fame, including Bastille, George Ezra, Hozier and the wonderful folk rock band Bear’s Den who I was also lucky enough to see alongside Dan.

Dan’s live performance was just as stunning as the album is, featuring the beautiful harmonies from the title song Sweet Disarray and the ever so sweet lyrics from Home which still make me smile. Not short of more upbeat songs either, Sweet Disarray features songs such as In / Out; less acoustic and better for dancing to!

I would definitely recommend giving this album a listen and if you ever get the chance to see Dan perform, especially if it’s in someone’s garden, do it!

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