NEW MUSIC: “I Still Wonder” by The Chain Gang of 1974

Drawn in by soft vocals and a synthesised tone, an end of summer anthem is the only way you can describe The Chain Gang of 1974’s new single, I Still Wonder.

The trumpet, synthesiser and higher vocals give hints of late 70s influence, which all seems to be very popular in the indie alternative scene this year.

The song has a slighter calmer vibe compared to some of the summer singles released this year, with the warmth of the trumpet and the reflective nature of the lyrics giving us the sense of a reminiscent attitude.

The style and title of the song have a more ‘pop’ vibe compared to other songs released by The Chain Gang, however the heavier bass line and moody lyrics allows the track to be greatly appreciated by the indie audience.

The more pop-feel to the song is not the only change for Kamtin Mohager, as the artwork for the single is brighter, with an 80s influenced colour scheme, which possibly hints as a new direction for the American DJ.

Maybe a new direction in music will take The Chain Chang in a new direction for touring, as he hinted recently in a tweet that he might be heading over to London in the very near future.

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