NEW MUSIC: ‘I Should Know’ by Scarlett Saunders

You can’t help but admire this raw dark finger-clicking brand new track from Suffolk singer-songwriter Scarlett Saunders.

“I Should Know comes straight off of Scarlett’s upcoming EP – ‘Blue Again’ which is set to be released sometime before the end of the year, and you could definitively suggest that this mysterious/spooky-feeling single (with a chilling synths to match) is certainly out of this world in more ways than one.

I’m certainly looking forward to hearing a lot more from Scarlett in the near future, the artist feels like a breath of fresh air compared with other soloists – it’s clear that the self-professed ‘creative polymath’ is a lot more focussed on her vocals and lyrics than a plethora of other artists are.

Check out her social media pages below.

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