What if we told you a person woke up in a hospital with absolutely no recollection of his arrival there is on his way to becoming a sensation? Okay, how about this: a person diagnosed with transient global amnesia, a condition causing sudden memory loss and the person to lose the ability to form new memories and recall recent events, is dedicating his time to creating the most beautiful ambient tracks you will ever hear.

Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself.

Grant Hazard Outerbridge has created this project under the name “Memorybell“, releasing his album “Obsolete“. His music will be able to instill feelings and deep emotions in you that you weren’t expecting. It’s so incredible to see that such beautiful art can be created using only a grand piano. Memorybell’s minimalist ambience makes you appreciate the silence in every pause to allow you the chance to absorb the intense feeling in his sound.

You can get his album on Bandcamp here.

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