NEW MUSIC + INTERVIEW: ‘Silly Girl’ by Lonely Benson

We know you’re getting the last sweet bits of the summer season and getting to that point in the year where you’ll have to repeat a full other 365 days for those sweet summer breezes, but don’t say goodbye to those just yet. Lonely Benson‘s new single “Silly Girl” will have you feeling that your summer has only just begun.

Around three months ago, we covered his beautiful song “Lazy Lover“. “Silly Girl“, released only last Thursday, shows how dedicated Lonely Benson is to progress into his work. The song is unbelievably catchy and soothing, hitting you with that island-indie vibe we all have a certain soft spot nostalgia for.

With such an intriguing and up and coming artist, we got to ask Lonely Benson a few questions:

Coming from Nashville, the City of Music, how does your hometown influence your music, and does it inspire your work in any way?

Nashville is full of musicians. Lots of good ones too. It can be a little intimidating, but it calls me to be a better musician. I’ve also had the opportunities here to work with some great musicians. My drummer, Christian Hayden, has introduced me to some cool ass jazz that’s inspired a lot of the beats and overall arrangements and production. Will Pugh is producing all the tracks and really makes them shine. And also plays on the tracks too. It’s been a good town to grow in and amongst.

Which artists inspire you? Which artists have you ever dreamed of working with?

I’ll admit that Netflix is how I discovered Harry Nilsson. I’ve gained a lot from him. And as I mentioned earlier some jazz influences play into it, mainly Antonio Carlos Jobim. I think working with Danger Mouse would be a trip. The good kind.

Your music is tastefully mellow and soothing. How do you give it your signature sound and make it stand out against other music in its same genre?

Thank you so much. I have to say the musicians and production (Will) are what make it sound the way it does. I can’t take too much credit, I rely on others and it’s a good thing I do. I’ve really just tried to draw from a few different genres and pull it all together in a way that helps calm my mind. I like to be a bit loose and silly with the lyrics too. Hopefully that lightens it up a little too.

“Silly Girl” sounds like a person who is entirely bittersweet. How exactly would you describe this “Silly Girl”?

Well…uh, I don’t really want to go into the meaning behind this one. I’d like to leave that up to the listener. Not because it’s personal, just exercising my artistic rights. Haha. I will say, it’s not necessarily about any single person.

After your release of “Silly Girl”, will you still be working on keeping your streak of releases this year going? Are you currently working on anything at the moment?

Yeah. Absolutely. I’ve really enjoyed doing the record this way. It keeps me on a deadline and keeps me from being a perfectionist. On Tuesday I’ll go into the studio to start finishing up the October release. It’s sort of an on going process of writing, recording, and promoting. The best part is the ability to adjust the sound as I go.

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