LIVE REVIEW: Clay (The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham // 11.08.16)

It was only a few weeks ago that Clay, the charming lads from Leeds, played at Birmingham’s Sunflower Lounge and what a show they put on. Clay are rapidly up and coming on the indie scene and have recently released their new EP ‘Heaven‘, what better way to promote this than to play in the indie capital of Birmingham.

Supported by a trio of artists: The Real Cool, Risctas and Sugarthief, Clay finally took to the stage and gave one of the greatest live performances I have ever seen. The band instantly dominated the stage – their upbeat and lively tunes sent the crowd wild with a series of mosh-pits being formed throughout the duration of the set.

Clay’s set included some new material such as ‘Why?‘ and ‘Nothing Happened’ which are featured on their EP and I loved the vocals on both of these songs. Clay also played some of their olden but golden material in the forms of ‘Oxygen‘ and my personal favourite ‘Stay Calm!‘ which features a heavy-hitting drum sound at the beginning of the tune that gets the crowd pumped up and ready to mosh.  As the night progressed the crowd became even more engrossed in Clay’s set with screams and roars for more, but the set was drawn to a close with their  feel-good tune – ‘Sun Dance‘.

Clay gave some prominent final words to the crowd – “Birmingham, YES! You f***ing mad b****rds  -we’ve been Clay and we’ll see you again soon.” – before the lights went out and they left the stage, crowd pouring onto the streets of Birmingham, more than satisfied with the set they had just witnessed.

Clay did not disappoint with this set and certainly did not fail to create an energetic atmosphere for everyone in the small, intimate venue. I highly suggest seeing them while you can before their global success takes off in the near future.

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