INTRODUCING: Handsome Ghost

Handsome Ghost are a very talented indie band hailing from Vermont, Canada, and are by far one of my favourite discoveries of this year.

Handsome Ghost have a very dreamy yet groove-filled sound supported by their front-man’s (Tim Noyes) incredibly captivating and pure voice, especially throughout their newest single ‘Graduate‘ – hear it on Spotify  below!

The band’s first EP, ‘Steps‘, was released just last year in March, and I must say, it deserves major appreciation. It consists of various soundscapes, acoustic instruments and rapturous R&B beats. ‘Blood Stutter’, the very first song released, is featured on the EP and is a spectacular track, starting slow and then building into something truly special.

Since their EP, the band have released another single alongside ‘Graduate‘ entitled ‘Eyes Wide’, a track oozing with serious potential.

You can check out Handsome Ghost on Spotify right now.

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