NEW MUSIC: ‘Everything is Wanted’ by ARCHIVIST

Electro-indie is a niche genre that is on the rise. The experimental nature of its sound is drawing in audiences on the search for something raw, exciting and drenched in the intoxicating noise of a synthesiser. If you are one of these soul seekers searching for a band of this nature, then look no further than London-based band Archivist.

Their new single ‘Everything is Wanted’ is well, everything you could want from an electro-indie track. Leading with staccato disco and cascading, tripped out synths, Everything is Wanted melds into the dreamy lyrics casted by Archivist frontman Ed Begley, the original solo member and creative mind behind Archivist. The sound that emanates from this track shows how beautifully expansive and incredibly dynamic Archivist’s sound is.

Archivist’s new EP ‘Memo’ will be released on October 28th.

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