NEW MUSIC: ‘Careless’ by Noble Oak

Noble Oak’s ‘Careless’ released on the label Manimal Vinyl Records is simply tantalising. The track as a whole is a chic blend between indie-pop and electronic ambience.

The intro begins with notes that remind the listener of Peace’s ‘World Pleasure’, but with the addition of a minimalist electronic drum track the sound dwells on into a sound that refers to everything from Moby to ’12’ and tracks of the same nature by The 1975.

Eventually, we are given vocals, along with a few layers of sound, most notable are the delicate layers of piano and harp -esque synth, which shimmer and make the song sound like the sun reflecting on an out door swimming pool.

The bassline is also particularly special at this point in the track. The highly revered voice cuts through the track beautifully, it’s a lively but reserved voice that is comparable to the formidable Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.

The song continually builds on motifs and layers that are brought about within the first minute of the song, and the convulsion is a neat and gradual decline in layers into silence. 

Noble Oak’s track is arguably something which sits between great established artists like The 1975, Tame Impala, Glass Animals, and The XX; however their track is well composed, serene and tranquil to listen to, and despite the title, anything but ‘Careless’.

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