INTERVIEW: ‘Deliverance’ by Ricky Mears (+ EP Review)

Ricky Mears is a name you’ll soon be familiar with, what with him reaching almost half a million hits with his track “Threads” off his new EP “Deliverance” on MrSuicideSheep‘s infamous YouTube channel.

His unique aesthetic of electronic/synth-dream music make it incredibly difficult to classify his music into any single genre. Being both skilled in music production and such strong, beautiful vocals, Ricky Mears makes it impossible not to fall in love with. Turtle Tempo was lucky enough to get to ask Mears a couple of questions about Deliverance!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I love bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Death Cab For Cutie, so a lot of my stuff for ‘Ricky Mears’ Soundcloud is based off of post alternative rock, and melodic dubstep like Seven Lions, Adventure Club.

When did you first start creating music and what do you have to say to all people who are still starting up with music production?

I started playing drums in 4th grade, then some piano lessons, then got a guitar for Christmas, and then started producing music in 12th grade, so my advice for this generation coming up in music production is to be as musical as possible. Don’t corner yourself in by ONLY producing on the computer.

What is your favorite track off of Deliverance and why?

“My Favorite Track of off Deliverance” that is tough to answer, because I think of all the time I spent on all of them, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d probably say “Galaxies“, or “Stay Down“.

I’ve seen that Adventure Club is also a fan of you! How does that make you feel?

Yeah Adventure Club is a huge inspiration so it was cool they hit me up! They’ve been playing “Galaxies,” with the vocal from “Gold,” featuring Yuna, which is an honor considering how much I love that original.

What are your plans now that you’ve released your EP “Deliverance”?

My plans are actually unknown. I haven’t started anything new in a while, I actually completed that project about 6-7 months ago . I’m working on a lot of projects, some for other electronic music, and also some for pop Artists, and other mainstream acts.

Galaxies, the first track on the EP had so many different things and sounds happening at once, making it a very tasteful track. It’s impossible to talk about the EP without mentioning Threads, which helped Mears soar to popularity. This track, as well as Stay Down, featuring Deja Elyze, have a sound similar to 30 Seconds to Mars. You can hear the intensity of his emotions specifically in his vocals on these two tracks. Stay Down offers listeners a more calming, yet chilling sound. The song alternates with haunting vocals and upbeat drop, a contrasting juxtaposition fixed at such a perfect equilibrium many attempt and fail, but which Mears has succeeded in tastefully. Kintsukuroi, featuring Dalero and Steve Arintok has a beautiful Santana-like guitar outro that makes you want to listen to the full song and wait for that bit exactly to absorb the entire sound.

Evolution, the last track on the EP, is personally my favorite. I also loved how a track with this title comes at the end of the EP, indicating that perhaps from here on out, Ricky Mears will be further progressing into his music, and we are superbly excited to see where it will take him!

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