Today we’ve got a an artist especially for you Mumford & Sons and Daughter fans. Covey has a unique folk sound that makes the tracks so moving and beautiful, which can be heard in his new single Bows.

First launched in 2013 in Boston, vocalist and guitarist Tom Freeman dedicated himself to the sound of indie folk, and with that dedication, he reaped his rewards, including winning Bostlnno’s Song of the Week and New England Band of the Month in Deli Magazine. Covey is gaining fans left and right. It’s no surprise that even Hozier has had him open for his shows.

The vocals, both primary and background, are so chilling, and the guitar gives Bows a very authentic and genuine sound. At the moment, Covey usually sticks around in the North Eastern states in the U.S.A., but surely with time, the fanbase will surely widen and strengthen.

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