INTERVIEW: Beyond The Bay

After recently reviewing Beyond The Bay’s single ‘Rain’ (which you can check out here), I met up with the lads from the band at one of their recent gigs and I actually managed to get a few words with them. 

Beyond The Bay, a four-piece indie band from Dudley are up and coming on the Birmingham scene and I felt it was time to get to know a little bit more about the talented band.

Have a listen to one of their tunes and check out our chat below:

What are your names and the instruments you play in the band?

Sam Foley – Lead vocals and Rhythm guitar
Dan Harris – Drums
Ben Griffin – Guitar
Ben Buffery – Bass

How did the name of ‘Beyond The Bay’ come about? 

We aren’t really too sure about how our band name came around, Sam had just come back from holiday which is where we got ‘The Bay’ part of our name from. Originally, we called ourselves ‘Before the Bay’ for around a week as it sounded pretty cool, but then changed to ‘Beyond the Bay’ and the name has stuck.

Describe your music in three words?

Energetic, Electric, Eccentric.

As a band, who are your major musical influences and why?

We all have our own musical influences as a band such as: Guns n’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. However, we can all agree that the main influence in music comes from the Arctic Monkeys. Arctic Monkeys bring something completely different to the music industry with their insanely clever lyrics and their upbeat catchy songs, you can’t get more indie than the Arctic Monkeys.

What are your favourite songs to play live and why?

One of the songs we love to play live is ‘The Hunter’ by Slaves, this song is amazing to open the set with because it instantly gets the crowd going with the heavy guitar melody that the majority of indie fans know and love. We also take our own unique spin on this song and include a small bridge to Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in The Wall’ which takes the crowd by surprise but the love it all the same.

Another song we like to play live is one of our original songs ‘Rain’, this song has got a lot of meaning for us as a band because it was the first song we wrote and recorded as the band so each time we play it reminds us of that moment. We also love this song due to its original sound with the heavy beating drums and the small bridge into the chorus that is easily remembered by the crowd.

Finally the last song we love to play is ‘Gay Bar’ by Electric Six. This song shows that as a band we love to have fun and what better way to do this than put in a laughable song into the set that always gets the crowd going and leaves them chanting for more!

Where did you play your first ever live set?

The Barge and Barrel -Tipton

What is your main aim as a band? 

Our main aim as a band is just to rock out and have fun with what we do and see where the music world takes us overtime.

Any artist you would like to be as big as in the future?

The biggest band in history are The Beatles, so if you got to that level then clearly you’ve smashed it in the music industry. However the fame doesn’t matter to us, we would love to increase our fan base and get more people listening to our music overtime. We would love for a car to pass us in the future and hear our music blaring out of it with people singing along, for us, that’s the dream.

Are you releasing new music soon and, if so, could you tell us when?

We are currently debating when to release our new material but as for telling you what and when we are releasing, that must be kept a secret but stay tuned.

Have you got any future gigs planned that you could tell us about? 

We have two gigs planned in the upcoming months:
O2 Institute, Birmingham – 24th September

River Rooms, Birmingham – October (date will be released soon)

Artists that we should check out that you’ve been listening too?

Some artists that we love listening too are: God Damn, Death From Above 1979, Highly Suspect and Sugarthief. We highly recommend you check these guys out for some groovy tunes.

Any final words?

The world is pretty messed up with all these attacks at the moment, but let music play loud and bring people together. Thanks to all our fans that constantly support us at our gigs and help us grow. Head on over to our social media pages for more of our music and stay tuned for some music releases.

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