NEW MUSIC: ‘Really Wanna Call’ by Viola Beach

This song is one of my personal favourites from Viola Beach’s self-titled album and I love the whole vibe it brings. As we all know by now, the boys of Viola Beach and their manager were tragically taken away, but luckily they’ve left us with a masterpiece that they had been working on before they went, you’re in for a real treat.

This song is a very upbeat song revolving around a boy’s feelings towards a girl which we can clearly tell by the lyrics and it’s great.

The way they must’ve thought up this whole song would’ve been an amazing thing to watch, with the gradual build ups and twinkling guitar riffs, everything seems to fit into place, and with Kris’ unique vocals, it’s a track to fall in love with.

This band had huge potential and it’s a real shame they couldn’t see all of the support and love they are getting for this incredible album.

If you can, it would be great if you could purchase their album, all proceeds go to their families.

You can stream this song, and Viola Beach’s album in full on Spotify right now!


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