As I stare out onto a muggy yet miserable British summer day, I find myself desiring a bittersweet escape via some beautiful, idyllic music that tricks my mind into thinking I am in fact on some desert island far far away – I look no further than Indiana based band Hoops, who sound somewhere between Mac DeMarco and a warm summer’s day.

Hoops’ music is a must for any summer playlist, for any type of getaway, whether you’re on a beach or on a road trip. Released today, latest single ‘Gemini’ is almost psychedelic and sounds exactly like how a summer on the LA coast would feel like. This psychedelic, LA beach like notion carries on throughout their discography, which only started to form at the beginning of this year so they are fresh off the bat. Their music, in an overall summary, is enchanting, whimsical and incredibly calming.

Listen to Hoops’ delightful new single ‘Gemini’ here:

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