Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Unfortunately it is with the deepest of regrets for us to inform you all that due to unforeseen circumstances, another month has come and gone – our beloved summer is almost over and out.

I mean five months until Christmas? If you’re like me and you’re one of those completely OCD present-purchasers that has to get it all done with ASAP then maybe now is the time to start hunting for those gifts for your loved ones (and those family members that you aren’t really that keen on but you gotta make an effort with because you’re related in some way).

But anyhow, thankfully another month means another playlist for you to enjoy. This month it’s a real bumper playlist of 34 musical gems and over 2 hours of music that we have happily unearthed before your very ears this time. You can give it a listen below:

And I’d just like to add a huge thank you to all the thousands of people that have checked out Turtle Tempo in the last few months, we just don’t know what we’d do without you absolute rowdy bunch of music lovin’ hipsters.

Lots of love,

TT x

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