NEW MUSIC: ‘Joy Affair’ by Sugarthief

After the release of their previous singles titled ‘New Ends’ and ‘Crowing Youth’ local boys  from Staffordshire, Sugarthief are back at it again with their brand new single – ‘Joy Affair’.

Originally, this song was to be titled ‘Super Jazz 6’ but this shortly changed to the catchier ‘Joy Affair’.

The track has a really chilled out vibe for the listener with its extremely catchy chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for days, casual lyrics and funky guitar melodies, not forgetting its laid back indie beat on the drums. Have a listen below:

Sugarthief are back at it with this catchy single and I personally can’t wait for the release of the future singles they have lined up. Head on over to their social media pages for more information on future gigs and more music they have already released.

Keep up to date with Sugarthief via their social media pages listed below:


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