‘Swings And Waterslides’ by Viola Beach

Our aim is to bring you an article about each and every single that’s featured on the self-titled album from a band that were so tragically taken away from this world way before their time – Viola Beach.

Kicking off the nine-track celebratory album is ‘Swings And Waterslides’, a feel-good debut single released in August 2015 which made my ears fall in love with the upcoming act in the first place when discovering them on talent discovery channel The Hyve on YouTube almost a year ago.

Peaking at #11 in the UK charts, this song which is packed with charm and memorable guitar riffs was (surprisingly) the very beginning of the talented Warrington-based newcomers. It’s pretty surprising because usually artists take a bit of time to find their sound, but this is no fluke of a debut single – it was just the very beginning of something undoubtedly special.

You can purchase Viola Beach’s album here.

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