NEW MUSIC: ‘Cry Baby’ by Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends are back out there following on from Swim with a fresh new tune and it is a good one. They always seem to deliver an all-round top tune that everyone is sure to love!

The song starts off with a really funky compilation of sounds, and the bass really brings it all very nicely together, it all goes up from there. Natassja never fails to disappoint us, with her stunning and distinct vocals, this song really is a winner. 

The song’s lyrics are what we can certainly expect from Fickle Friends and it really fits their vibe. The Brighton band really like their surreal guitar riffs and slick build ups, this song definitely reflects that and will be loved by many in the weeks to come, I’m very convinced, the song reminds me a bit of Tommy Spark’s ‘She’s Got Me Dancing’, with the whole structure and feel of the song, but I’ll let you work that out for yourselves.

If you want more of this awesome band, click the links below…


you’d be a fool to miss out!

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