NEW MUSIC: ‘Coming Home’ by Van Susans

Only last month did we make a post about the spectacular and talented Van Susans with their song “Seagulls“. The London based band has been keeping busy and we’re here to show you just how productive they’ve been, releasing both Seagulls and a brand new single Coming Home on Ont’ Sofa Live (Stereo 92).

The session recorded for Seagulls portrays how talented Van Susans is without the need to enhance and edit their sound, proven if you compare it to their studio recorded version. In fact, I prefer this form. The instruments, specifically the violin, and vocals sound incredibly intense and raw. You can only imagine how alluring the scene would be if you were to see Van Susans  perform live in person. The track is captivating in a way that’ll have you singing along in no time.

Van Susans‘s upcoming single Coming Home was also performed at Ont’ Sofa Live. The single is equally as beautiful, if not more, as Seagulls. Keeping busy with their music is surely paying off and coming to fruition for this band! Frontman Olly Van Andrews is very eloquent in such a way he puts out his talented voice and is capable of instilling the audience with the emotion he aims for, as seen in the third part of the track.

Catch them this August on the 27th at the Towersey Festival in Oxford!

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