NEW MUSIC: ‘Amnesia’ by Bloom Twins

Only a few days back, I posted about The Icarus Account, a set of twins producing beautiful acoustic tracks. Today we’ve got another pair of talented twin sisters, Bloom Twins, with a completely different genre of music, but just as spectacular!

Sisters Sonia and Anna, Ukraine born and raised, have been keeping busy with music, especially with their new release of Amnesia. You’ll have anything but amnesia after playing this track and singing it where ever you go, as it will constantly be in your head. The song is incredibly dynamic and complex, leaving the listener attaining a whole gamut of emotion. The music video (posted down below), filmed in black and white, showed how the Bloom Twins didn’t need color to give off any sensation. The audio itself will immerse the listener in their atmosphere and aura.

Amnesia is captivatingly dark, yet beautifully tasteful. Without a doubt, after hearing this track you’ll be on the search for more of Bloom Twins’s music. With Amnesia being a track off their album, due to be released later this year, we’re eager to see what else the Bloom Twins have in store for us!

Catch them in their debut London headline show at Robomagic’s “Finding the Female Headliner” this month on the 28th!

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