NEW MUSIC: ‘Watch The World Go By’ by Eve Belle

Just when you think that Irish singer/songwriter Eve Belle’s music surely couldn’t get anymore awesome than it already is, it does.

As an avid listener of talented artist Eve Belle (Eve Murtagh) for the last few years after stumbling across her works of art by chance on Soundcloud, this was just an absolute delight to listen to.

‘Watch The World Go By’ is just another beautiful piece of music from the currently unsigned musician who decided to hook up with independent UK label LAB Records after receiving a flurry of interest from other record labels to release her debut EP “Sonder” last year.

I’m not entirely a huge fan of when artists update their original tracks as I feel it sometimes takes away a certain raw feeling, but credit where it’s undoubtedly due to producer Greg Malocca for this absolute peach.

You also really have to love her song ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’  and let’s face it, you’re mad if you fail to enjoy Eve Belle’s music.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin took to Twitter to compliment the artist on her take on ‘Violet Hill’ describing it as “better than the original” which you can watch here.

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