EP REVIEW: ‘Shark Attack’ by For The Girl

For The Girl – a quintet band from Nottingham that can purely be described as individual. The band’s take on indie pop rock is one that you simply cannot miss; you may be skeptical at first but once you listen to them, you’ll soon fall in love.

‘Shark Attack’, their brand new EP, gives an insight into the band’s familiar sound. The EP is compiled of five colossal songs with each individual tune sounding completely different to its predecessor, but trust me it’s not a bad thing!

The lead single ‘Where Did Time Go’ is a prime example of the growing talent this band has to offer; the distinctive, raspy, lead vocals are accompanied by engrossing lyrics that encapture your subconscious thoughts. Written about tough times that many of us have experienced, trying to find your inner self, many listeners will be in agreement with the song they’re listening to. The best part about this song is; it’s not only meaningful, it’s a banger of a single to release! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love a rock-style guitar solo followed by acapella climb finally ending with the chorus?!

The only downfall with the EP (in my opinion) is, there isn’t enough songs!I can be forgiving of this, due to the sheer quality and all-round pleasure of listening to them perform live!

I predict we will hear a lot more upcoming music from For The Girl and I look forward to their next tour and single releases.

July the 8th was the EP launch date, and we were kindly and gratefully invited down to go check out their gig, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

There were some amazing performances from the supports acts: The Mocking Jays, The Chase and The Harmonicas, who all pumped the crowd up for the main ensemble. The atmosphere once For The Girl began was second to none, it felt like we were waiting and listening to a professional band doing a big time tour in a small venue.

Their music was pure fire and the atmosphere completely electrified The Bodega’s stage! The unplanned encore at the end of the set just shows how much people enjoyed their music and their Imagine Dragons rendition would have given those guys a run for their money!

Check our their EP on Soundcloud below:

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