With a strong sound to their music and a distinct style, similar to the wonderful Fickle Friends, indie-pop new comers Charlyn have really produced something special in their latest EP and music video.

Charlyn is a solo musician that has built up a fantastic band that compliment each other perfectly in the music produced. Having already gained a brilliant reputation through gigs at O2 Academy Islington, Under The Bridge and Bush hall, as well as some fantastic european gigs, Charlyn will now be going onto tour more of Europe and the UK including 4 massive London gigs.

Starting off with the brilliant new music video for the single ‘Marylise’, this is a fantastic single with a similar style (as mentioned above) to Fickle Friends and their single ‘Swim’. This is an incredibly catchy track with a real toe-tapping beat to it and incredible vocals from lead singer Charlyn. A real unique mix of indie-pop with those 80’s summer vibes that will get you up and in a feel good mood.

When interviewed about the single, Charlyn described it as “a summery pop song, telling the story of a woman pretending to have ‘the perfect life’, however wanting to escape and live the life of someone else.”

As well as this Charlyn has treated fans to a brilliant new EP which includes 5 absolute peaches to grace your ears.

The upcoming EP as stated by Charlyn “explores intimate subjects, such as love and human stories, all set to rhythmic and spacious 80s-pop beats”

It certainly does just that, especially in the real emotion shown in the second track on the EP ‘Dive’ that is a slower rhythmic song with passion and emotion shown in every lyric.

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