Hailing from Evesham, these alternative rockers are a young band who you probably haven’t heard of. Well, this review is here to change that.

Priori are a band that I have seen a handful of times and would still enjoy seeing again. They’re all good, genuine guys that make you instantly want to give them some time out of your day to have a listen. Priori are always guaranteed to put on a show that will draw you in; their loud rock ‘n’ roll is a sound that would cure sore ears, if rock was the medicine. This band love to play and they are truly entertaining and gripping performers. They’re so different to other artists around their kind of area and that is what persuades me share their music with you all, instead of a band that is even closer to my home town.

Recently releasing a new single, ‘Rainy Day’, Priori are back and sounding how I like them. Aggressive, loud, with a standout guitar riff and with a heavy bass influence. The single is, as you would have guessed from what I’ve just said, impressive to say the least. I’m glad they’ve released it because my copy of their single ‘Jokers’ is getting a little worn out now – not because the music is bad but because I’ve has no choice but to overplay it. So, fresh music is good music which I welcome with open arms.

Talking of ‘Jokers’, it is by far the bands standout song. The bass line is cracking, which always wins me over. The guitar riff is classy and the lyrics are good. The drums are hard and that is only ever a good thing. I’ll leave a link to ‘Jokers’ for you to check out, simply because it’s my favorite, but listen to ‘Rainy Day’ too.

Anyone who likes classy rock ‘n’ roll needs to check this band out. Priori won’t disappoint you. Just after they’ve released a new single, there isn’t a better chance to give these guys a go. The volume will knock your socks off, even if you’re wearing your best ‘Glastonbury-like’ wellies over the top.

Make sure you keep an eye on where they’re playing next and get yourself along to a gig. In fact, I am writing this review a few days before seeing them again – it’s been a while and I’m ready to rock out.

Serenade yourself and have a listen. You’re welcome, in advance.

Feel free to check out Priori’s website here.

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