NEW MUSIC : ‘Good Grief’ by Bastille

Bastille had disappeared off of the face of the indie scene for around three years, until now. ‘Good Grief’ is Bastille’s newest single since the release of their album, ‘All This Bad Blood’, and this unforgettable hit lives up to everyone’s expectations.

The new song by the band from London keeps the tradition of their upbeat and lively style through catchy baselines and Dan Smith’s vocals being displayed at full force as per usual. ‘Good Grief’ is certainly an addictive track that keeps true to the indie vibe and is sure to be a huge hit for the summer with Bastille performing at a range of festivals over this period.

After teasing their large fan-base for several months, Bastille have released an absolutely amazing tune for their return and I personally cannot wait to see what they have in store next. I highly recommend checking out ‘Good Grief’ on Spotify and heading to their social media pages listed below.

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  1. I mean, they didn’t disappear, they were able to tease for months and months with some of their new songs. The last couple of weeks held lots of anxiety with announcements through the Bastille’s fb page and bot and Dan’s instagram. I’m just super excited that they’re back! ??

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