NEW MUSIC : ‘Gannet’ by Calvaliers

Five man indie band Cavaliers, which formed in Winchester in 2012, have proved themselves to be a band worthy to keep an eye on with their new release of single “Gannet“.

With a continuous buildup of recognition through being presented on BBC channels as well as playing with Don Broco and supporting Youth Club in previous shows, Cavaliers is quickly rising to fame. There is also the sense of a strong relationship between the band and the fans, with the fans asking the band for more music, and the band cleverly teasing along the release of their new track. Gannet, released only last week, is a track Cavalier’s listeners have been patiently waiting for, with Cavalier on Twitter telling their fans to “think birds, diving birds“, keeping their fans on their feet – just the right amount of music release tease.

The band’s music will be sure to appeal to anyone in love with Two Door Cinema Club, specifically their Tourist History album. Cavalier have quite the similar style and vibe, all the while keeping their own authentic and signature sound.

Gannet features rhythmic drumming and a fun island guitar tune, perfect timing for being released in early summer. If you relate the song to the actual gannet seabird, known to dive below the surface of the water to catch fish, the song itself also alternates between two modes: soft and relaxing, and very lively and dynamic, making it incredibly easily to fall in love with the tune.

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