NEW MUSIC : ‘Mayflies’ by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

You’re sitting around a campfire, wrapped in blankets and toasting marshmallows with the people you hold dearest. That beautiful scene is the physical embodiment of new single by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, ‘Mayflies‘.

Benjamin is an English singer-songwriter from York; his first album, ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm’, peaked at #35 in the UK album charts and his second album, ‘After The Rain‘, is due for release on August 19th. He begun playing music at the age of 10, growing up listening to The Rolling Stones which I am sure is incredibly impressive compared to the musical choices we made at 10 years of age!  His influences also include Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen, which collectively inspire Benjamin’s indisputable song writing talent.

Mayflies‘ is lead by Benjamin’s gentle hushed-tone vocals, creating a sense of intimacy between him and the listener; a sweet whispering of pillow-talk. The single includes repetition of a distant, almost psychedelic sound blended with a soulful acoustic guitar, vaguely reminiscent of an old folk song in the back of your mind.

If, like me, you’re sold upon first listen of this angel of a composition, feel free to check out Benjamin’s future tour dates on his website, here.

Alternatively, follow/subscribe to him on his social media:





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