NEW MUSIC + Q&A : ‘Where Did Time Go’ by For the Girl

Nottingham, indie/pop-rock band, For the Girl, released a music video only last weekend for their newest track “Where Did Time Go“. The track will have you asking yourself where did all the time go where you regrettably didn’t know of this band?

For the Girl definitely have quite a load on their shoulders, seeing as they have an EP, “Shark Attack” due for release in July, along with producing this music video and constantly performing shows for their beloved and ever growing fanbase.

Something I realised and appreciated was that the music video focused on each band member and not only the lead singer, something devoid of in many music videos for bands. They also released a photo album on Facebook showing some photos taken on set, and it showed how much fun they truly had shooting the video.

Taken from an artistic perspective, the video was heavily influenced by pop art, modernism, and minimalism, combining altogether to create the end product, which was fantastic.

They seem like an utmostly amusing group, and we got the privilege of carrying out an interview with them for a few questions:

One word to describe your music?

One word is rough, but… Catchy.

Was it an easy decision breaking that guitar in the music video?

Actually, yes! Josh has been dying to smash a guitar for ages now and now it has been immortalised in video!

Do you all listen to the same music?

Not really, but that actually reflects on our music a fair bit. You’d think that mixing people who love metal, and funk, and very indie stuff into one performance would be weird, but it all sort of merges together when we play.

What are you specifically excited about for your EP release?

Honestly? For everyone to see how far we’ve come since our last EP, and to see how we’ve developed musically and technically. That’s what it’s all about really, constantly trying to be better than you were yesterday, and we just want to share that progress!

What are your future plans after the EP release?

Cracking on with writing and performing, and keeping up this great momentum that is going on. A couple of tours would be nice too, of course.

How does Shark Attack represent you?

It’s fun, it’s fast paced, energetic, but there is this element of seriousness and real meaning in there too.

What was the inspiration behind the music video for “Where Did Time Go?”?

We wanted to do something eye catching and not necessarily ‘the norm’ so we kind of went with ‘daft and pretentious’ instead. It was having a bit of fun with all of those very abstract and serious videos you see here and there, and we think it turned out quite nicely. The response has just been overwhelming!

Which band is it your dream to tour alongside with?

Probably Don Broco. They have their connections to Nottinghamshire too, and they have that similar mix of styles to us that they make work so well. Maybe we’re biased though!

What is the meaning behind the album art chosen for shark attack?

We wanted something eye catching and in-your-face, like a shark attack! Also, who doesn’t like a shark in heels?!

And finally, what would be your first reaction if you’d ever happen to see a shark in heels?

Shag it! It would just be fitting really!

Catch the band next month in Nottingham for their “Shark Attack” EP launch here!

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