NEW MUSIC : Geronimo by The Beach

The Beach, a man named George Morgan, may be a new artist, but you will surely be surrounded by his music and updates in the soon future due to his professional approach at building his audience population.

The Beach already has his own Vevo channel with his collection of bold and inspiring music videos, as well as gaining popularity through being promoted by a variety of well known figures, such as YouTube/Blogger Jackson Harries (JacksGap) and The Vamps‘ very own James McVey. With such a strong foundation, The Beach can be predicted to rise in fame quite quickly.

His latest single, Geronimo, released only this weekend has already soared sky high in views and plays. I must say this is my ultimate summer track and quite suits the mood for those long nighttime, reminiscing drives.

The song features a vast array of sounds with a nice and steady buildup of energy towards the vibrant chorus. The music video (shown below) was filmed in Mexico, featuring a group of divers jumping from high altitudes into the ocean, relating to the song’s message to take the leap of faith when one is down or unsure.

Listeners of OneRepublic, Mumford & Sons, and Passenger will be sure to love the song.

You can also win a pair of tickets for his secret show in central London simply by following him on Spotify here!

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