EP REVIEW : ‘Circles’ by Lecaudé

Lecaudé is the solo project of London-based singer, songwriter and producer, Jack Durtnall. Following the success of title track ‘Circles’, Lecaudé has just released his debut EP; a blend of four electronically fuelled, lyric-driven pop songs.

Previously being the creative force behind duo LSBV (Little Shoes Big Voice), 2016 sees Lecaudé making a huge name for himself as a solo artist. His synth-heavy sound is already being ricocheted around some of the top radio stations in the UK, demonstrating just a hint of the excitement this artist is sparking in the music industry.

What catches the listener in the first hit of the EP, Circles, is no doubt Lecaudé’s ability to hook you in with a funky, expressive bassline, layered under and over a multitude of soulful sounds and vocals. The track arrives at a chilled-out end with a saxophone gliding you out of the urban jungle of instruments.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is my personal favourite hit from the EP. It dives you into the deep, trancendent bassline and then yanks you towards an upbeat chorus that’s guaranteed to get you dancing. The way this song takes listeners on a journey through an ocean of euphoria just shows how Lecaudé has the key to producing addictive anthems.

The electronic masterpiece ‘Powder Blue’ has previously been spoken about on BBC Introducing in London, Virgin Radio, BBC Radio 6 and so many more reputable music platforms. It is the final song on the EP, preceded by Blue Veins, a hit that advocates a ‘keep calm and chill out’ vibe.


If you aren’t already convinced that Lecaudé is a future legend of electronic-pop, check out his cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ for Naked Noise. Accompanied by a small orchestra, this talented Londoner shows everybody his capability as an artist with an original flair; a quality worth treasuring!


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