NEW MUSIC : ‘Beautiful Thing’ by The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses are soon to return to playing live for the first time in four years, but the difference between this occasion and Heaton Park in 2012, is that this time round there’s new music, and its good new music.

The Manchester heroes released their second ‘new’ song in a short space of time, with ‘Beautiful Thing’ coming just under a month after ‘All For One’. This has already led to debate about which song is better, and most seem to be siding with Beautiful Thing. If you’d asked me after listening to Beautiful Thing for the first time then I would have sided with the later, but truth be told, Beautiful Thing has instantly started to grow on me. So, I’d rank them as equally brilliant.

Beautiful Thing is a seven minute song that tends to favor the style of the bands self titled first album, rather than the Second Coming. My first thoughts on the song would be that it is a little repetitive and I would still stand by that now after hearing it many more times. Mani delivers a strong, effective bass line which holds the song together along with Squires melodic guitar playing and solo about four minutes in. Reni plays an up beat rhythm on the drums throughout and Ian’s lyrics are definitely a step up from All For Ones, which was my only problem with that song.

Fans of The Stone Roses have instantly taken to this song, which is always good news. Listen to it on YouTube when you get a chance because if this song doesn’t get you in the mood for summer and the Etihad gigs, then nothing will.

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