NEW MUSIC: ‘Seagulls’ by Van Susans

Five person, London/Glasgow based band, Van Susans, have released an exceptionally beautiful single titled “Seagulls“. First listening to the track, I instantaneously became Emma Stone in Easy A when she received a singing card with Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocket Full of Sunshine. It was impossible to stop it from going on replay!

The alternative folk band first formed in 2010. Now being under the genre of “alternative folk” might make you first think of Mumford & Sons, but Van Susans sound is authentic, genuine, and wonderfully unique! So far they have released one EP, two albums, and six singles (Seagulls being their most recent release).

Seagulls is bewitching with its progressive buildup of energy and harmonious integration of the violin along with the usual band instruments. The video itself is quite reminiscing, making viewers nostalgic of moments that aren’t even theirs! It’s easy to see the promising future Van Susans will have.

Listeners of Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Lumineers will be sure to fall in love with Van Susans.

You can catch them this month on the 10th at the Cornbury Festival! – Purchase your tickets here.

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