Classic, 50’s styled Rock ‘n’ Roll band Lucille have been a popular band amongst fans recently. Their original, 1950’s influenced music is one that’s definitely worth a listen.

The transparent music style performed by the trio is sleek and a pleasure to listen to. Playing a genre of music that can easily be forgotten, their take on the roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll is one you’ll struggle to forget.

Inspired by Chuck Berry, they create a sound that when accompanied by the distinctive vocals brings back memories of the early years ‘Beatles’ and ‘Elvis’. Once you start listening to their first album and soon realise that you’ve listened to the whole of it and want to hear more.

Filling venues around the East Midlands, a gathering of like-minded music fans are enjoying the simple, but at the same time, sophisticated style of music. Simple instruments used to create a recognisable, warm sound that just melts in the ears.

The song above ‘Ain’t Got No Home’ is just a sample of the variety that this multi-talented band can perform! If you get chance to see Lucille you won’t regret it. They’re often playing in the East Midlands (mainly Nottingham and Derby) so follow them on Twitter (@lucillebanduk) to find out where they’re playing!

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