INTRODUCING : Ultimate Painting

London-based duo, Ultimate Painting, composed of artists Jack Cooper and James Hoare, have just the right tracks to keep you chill on those traffic-jammed rides back from school and work. They really accomplish a sound very similar to The Beatles (something any sane person would never complain about) with a tinge of  blues.

It’s a little unsettling how little of them is found online, not to mention their Facebook page is quite inactive, but their music is feel-good and calming, so we can only hope they will reemerge actively back into the music scene.

From the few tracks I’ve scavenged here and there, “Ten Street” is a track you’ll be sure to find enjoyable and deem to be a good choice to suit the atmosphere on those nice days at the beach. Ultimate Painting really seem to have found a beautiful equilibrium of guitar and bass around the last third of the song.

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