INTERVIEW : Pure Youth

The brilliant indie-rock quartet Pure Youth have produced a real peach with their recently released single ‘Other Side’.

The song itself is a massive tune that you could definitely picture being played in venues and arenas all around the UK. It was a real pleasure to get the opportunity to interview the London-based band consisting of Dave Hibbert (Vocals/Guitar), Oliver Lyu (Bass), Duncan Brookfield (Drums) and Elliott Liu (Guitar).

Check out the interview below:

How would you describe your music in three words?

Freaky, funky & fresh. Joking. Probably ‘Honest, alternative rock’? Does that make sense?

Your new track ‘Other Side’ is an absolute stellar tune! What’s the story behind it?

Thank you! It’s Dave (singer)’s brainchild, and it encompasses a feeling we’ve all had and I know Dave and I (Duncan, drummer) both resonated with strongly when we finished the song together. It’s about wanting to go back to how things were, before those around you hurt you. A feeling of being unwelcome and unwanted, and resenting that. A feeling we’ve all had and definitely inspired by past events.

How did you all get into music?

We’ve all been playing music for years- Dave’s been in more bands than you can shake a stick at, Oliver’s a composer for films, Duncan’s been writing music and producing since his Dad showed him the guitar as a youth (get it?) and Elliott has been guitar-ing and tinkering as long as he can remember. Ollie and I (Duncan) were in a band in High School made by our music teacher (how cool are we) but she was a big influence and inspired me to pursue music.

What are your pre-show rituals?

Well, all of our lives pretty much revolve around food so we like to try and have a meal before. On tour we had the best curry ever in Leicester but we all felt like S*&t afterwards- no on-stage accidents though, hahaha! We normally have to drive down in groups so we like to have a good playlist for the road and have a bit of a laugh- gigging can be stressful so it’s nice to relax together.

If you could collaborate or go on tour with anyone, who would it be?

Tough question! I’d love to tour with a legendary act- someone like Iggy Pop (and his new group, Post Pop Depression with Josh Homme and Matt Helders is amazing). I think it’d be a really good learning curve and he’s super crazy so there’s definitely be some stories to tell. You know what, A$AP Mob would be hilarious to tour with too. I’m down for anything. Send any invitations! ha.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

It’s funny because the only really solid plans are the next 3 singles, apart from that, we definitely want to do some shows in and around London to play the new songs, but I think we’re all really in to writing music at the moment and we always want to improve on the last thing we’ve done, so expect more and more material and some live shows!

And finally… what’s your preferred choice of pizza topping?

You know what, that’s actually such a tough question. Getting scientific here, it depends on where you’re getting pizza. If we’re talking Domino’s it’s meat meat meat, but if we’re going Artisan I like some peppers and olives and parma ham and all that jazz, ’cause we’re fancy. Chicken and Peppers is always a safe bet. Bet you didn’t expect such a detailed answer, hahaha!

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