I found out about Fresco, a four-piece band from Brisbane, Australia when I was exploring Soundcloud and found the relatively new band’s single ‘Separate’ which is incredibly good, easy listening stuff.

In fact, ‘Seperate’ is their only released single to date, although it’s a brilliant piece of music that shows the sounds they are trying to create with the mixture of indie-pop rock along with electronic sounds that create incredibly nostalgic music which, in my view, is fairly similar to Ben Howard’s music.

One of my favourite things about this band is actually on their information page, ‘Fresco is for all the people searching for something new’ – that is certainly what they are showing in their music in it’s early days, with a very unique sound and a very strong vision.

We will certainly be seeing more from Fresco in the future, and hoping that there are plenty more singles to come!

Be sure to check out Fresco on Facebook!

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