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Just John’s This Is Fate EP is more than just a collection of songs, it’s an immersive, visual experience. 

Three tracks long, Just John’s This is Fate EP is a carefully crafted collection of raw, outspoken and thought-provoking songs that reveal the innermost thoughts and feelings of Just John, through his own, beautifully twisted lens. Cleverly written and produced, the visual EP plays out as a ghoulish narrative tinged with equal amounts of light …

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Newcomer Shopé unveils his colourful and joyous new music video for his hit single, ‘Rikiki’

In the video, Shopé showcases his impressive ability to switch between Yoruba, Pidgin English and English with incredible speed and accuracy. This bold display of bilingualism is no accident though, as a proud Nigerian-Canadian, Shopé embraces all parts of his culture just as they have embraced him and ‘Rikiki’ is dedicated to celebrating his dual …

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