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In Conversation with Malory

Produced after moving to London from Toronto, award-winning Malory has recently released her second album Killer Cut Offs. The Canadian alt-pop artist returns with life-affirming tracks in this sophomore album after experiencing some big life changes. Turtle Tempo sat down with Malory to discuss Killer Cut Offs, discovering new music and future plans. Why did you choose to enter …

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In Conversation with Chris McConville

London-based, Scottish singer-songwriter and drummer, Chris McConville has some fascinating experiences from a performance point of view.  As part of his solo project, McConville is about to release a new single ‘Fire’.  We had a chat with this talented artist discussing ‘Fire’, his greatest accomplishments and what inspires him.   What made you enter the …

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NEW MUSIC: Dreaming That I’m Not In Love by Stay Lunar

Bristol-based quintet Stay Lunar have already made an impact across the country with their dream-pop songwriting. With previous releases gaining wide recognition, their latest wonder holds onto their roots while breathing a fresh, new story. ‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’ transcends through relationship insecurities and inescapable nightmares that cling to you day by day.

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