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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Tell Me What You See’ by 31hours

‘Tell Me What You See’ opens us up to a whole new era of innovative, unconventional and pleasurably odd psychedelic rock. It’s evident through the band’s 13-track debut album that 31hours have established their position between afro-pop, space rock and the accompanying electronic and folk-like genres.

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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Willowbank’ by Yumi Zouma

New Zealand quartet Yumi Zouma return with their enchanting second album Willowbank. The record is the follow-up to 2016’s debut Yoncalla, and it promises to further raise the band’s profile. The members of the band are spread out across the globe, but, during the Christmas holidays, Yumi Zouma returned to their native Christchurch to graft …

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