Author: Nicole Mendes

In Conversation with Pete Gardiner

Growing up in Northern Ireland during the 1990s, soft rock songsmith Pete Gardiner had a plethora of content to work with.  Writing songs about alcohol-fuelled affairs, greed, violence or even celebrity-obsessed culture, he is a true poet of contemporary society. We were lucky enough to speak with this Dylan-inspired artist about his single ‘Pick Your …

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In Conversation with Earthsea

Way back when, four young men met as students in Durham, England. Their aim was to form their first “serious” band. Initially, they began as a hard rock band but evolved into the Radiohead-inspired Earthsea. We spoke with Dom Main (vocals/keys), Jamie Wesley (guitar), James Kerr (bass) and Will Soutter (drums/samples/production) about their latest release …

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