Author: mollymaetaylor


SINKA, a heavy hitting three-piece from Watford are beginning to make a name for themselves after releasing ‘Fussy’ last year.  Perhaps a little heavier than what Turtle Tempo would usually review but when we heard the soaring vocals and the pounding riffs, it was clear the band had a special sound and we had to be …

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NEW MUSIC: ‘Lady Lovesick’ by Kosmonauts

Kosmonauts are a talented quartet from Manchester who have returned again with a Lady Lovesick, a unique blend of rich melodies and catchy lyrics. The track follows Falling Apart, which was released earlier this year and reaffirmed Kosmonauts position in the emerging indie music scene.  The track is powerful and it certainly has everything, it intertwines infectious lyrics …

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Formed in 2017, JEPH is a promising Indie-Rock band from the South Coast of England. Having already released three singles: All I Do, Hey Baby and Harry whilst performing alongside the likes of Ed the Dog and Jerry Williams. The four-piece, who recently signed to Honeymooner Records, are destined for great things.  Whilst speaking of …

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