Author: David Chrzanowski

NEW MUSIC: ‘Citizen’ by Late TV

‘Citizen’ is the latest single from jazz-funk maestros Late TV. With an intro that sounds like the opening music to a low budget, high octane American detective TV show; it is difficult to take seriously at first. But, luckily the tackiness of those dramas isn’t reflected throughout Late TV’s music. The song is an unusual blend of jazz-funk and art-rock, which presents some complex and flamboyant …

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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Willowbank’ by Yumi Zouma

New Zealand quartet Yumi Zouma return with their enchanting second album Willowbank. The record is the follow-up to 2016’s debut Yoncalla, and it promises to further raise the band’s profile. The members of the band are spread out across the globe, but, during the Christmas holidays, Yumi Zouma returned to their native Christchurch to graft …

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