Day: 19 June 2020

NEW MUSIC: Dan Fuson – Shallow Blue

Nashville’s indie-folk extravaganza Dan Fuson releases brand new single “Shallow Blue” on overcoming insecurities. It’s hard to believe that only twelve months ago, Dan was buying his first bits and bobs of recording equipment on a whim. Sure, he’d performed in bands for years – Dan is no stranger to the music industry – but …

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NEW MUSIC: Ben Kidson – Heaven

Punk-Pop powerhouse Ben Kidson releases single “Heaven”, his first-ever love song. Ben Kidson has always been a big fan of indie and punk, and possessed an uncanny ability to write a bloody good pop song, having been signed as a writer to a major label at a young age. Who else would have thunk to …

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NEW MUSIC: Ro – low in the evenings

London-based electronic indie-pop artist Ro releases new single “low in the evenings“. London’s Ro takes a DIY approach to her music – with her successes so far self-made, she returns with her third single “low in the evenings”. Although just a touch darker than her previous releases, she continues to explore influence from the 80s …

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