Day: 4 June 2020

In Conversation with Svea Lyon

Acoustic singer/songwriter Svea Lyon hails from the United States of America sharing her soulful songs with the nation.  Ever since Svea started singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ in her first-grade class, she has had a taste for music. We spoke with her about her new single ‘Fun And Games’, future plans and remaining motivated. Why …

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In Conversation with Say Kids

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Say Kids is a foursome fusing rock, funk, psychedelia and blues. Founded in 2018 by Peyton Smith, William Cheatham, Oliver Finch and Matt Gay began writing and recording songs from Oliver and Matt’s studio.  We sat down for a chat with Say Kids talking about their new single ‘Hootie Hoo’, discovering …

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In Conversation with Edith

Pop sensation Edith has released a brand new single called ‘Sad Girls Make Bad Boys Cry’. An ode to summer heartbreak, but at the same time empowering females, this track has a dynamic sound ala Lorde and Ariana Grande. We spoke with Edith about ‘Sad Girls Make Bad Boys Cry’, discovering new music and much …

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