Day: 28 April 2020

In Conversation with Kev Minney

After a lifetime of becoming well-known for his virtuoso guitar skills, Kev Minney turned to singing and songwriting at the age of 30. Before this, he had lacked the confidence to sing due to a stutter. Moving from his hometown of Northampton to Brighton gave him the inspiration to take his new musical path. Turtle …

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NEW MUSIC: Raymond Revel – Ourselves

Coming from Burbank, California, Raymond Revel is a self-taught musician you would think has professional training. He began recording tracks in 2013 and there has been no going back from there. His easy to enjoy music has an energy that keeps you listening and wanting more. In March, he released the inspiring ‘Ourselves’. The single …

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NEW MUSIC: Josh Righton – Dance Songs For Awkward Parties

Hailing from London, Josh Righton is one of those people who truly understand the concept of social awkwardness.  His latest EP Dance Songs For Awkward Parties, released in November 2019, discusses the physical and emotional discomfort of being the odd person in the back of the dance hall.  Combining different genres ranging from folk-punk to indie-rock, …

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