Day: 23 April 2020

In Conversation with Chris McConville

London-based, Scottish singer-songwriter and drummer, Chris McConville has some fascinating experiences from a performance point of view.  As part of his solo project, McConville is about to release a new single ‘Fire’.  We had a chat with this talented artist discussing ‘Fire’, his greatest accomplishments and what inspires him.   What made you enter the …

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In Conversation with GINGER

Four people in Glasgow, Scotland, decided to begin making music together. Named after a track on the frontman’s solo EP, GINGER started breaking into the independent alt-rock scene. We chatted to lead vocalist Robbie Orr about their debut single ‘Gardens’, the official music video (filmed in self-isolation), and their future aspirations.   How did you …

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In Conversation with Ålesund

Described as having “haunting cinematics, total musical immersion and a beautifully Nordic twist” by Born Music Online, the Norwegian (but Bristol-based) dream-pop band Ålesund are making an ethereal mark on the music industry. We had a chance to chat to frontwoman Alba Torriset about their new single ‘Splinters’ and self-motivation.   Can you describe Ålesund …

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