Day: March 18, 2019


Dive into the world of Ducks! – a Berlin-based duo made up of singer-songwriter Lani Bagley and ARIA award-winning producer Craig Schuftan. Teasing their upcoming album Things That Were Lost with experimental, surrealist single Swerve, Ducks! seem to continually explore new sonic landscapes – combining unique field recordings with orchestral instruments and Lani’s intimate, lulling …

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INTERVIEW: Toby Charles

Inspired by the likes of Ben Howard and Jeff Buckley, Worcestershire-born singer-songwriter Toby Charles explores experiences old and new with his latest EP, Spaces in Between. Blending soul, blues and folk, Toby’s husky tones float over laidback arrangements; providing a chilled soundtrack to a sunny Spring day. I had a chat with Toby to find …

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